We’re a Market Disruptor

And, we have a big mission. We make mainstream foods that don’t compromise on taste or texture while reducing fats and calories and  getting rid of a lot of unwanted and unnecessary things … things like preservatives, GMOs and saturated fats.

All the Flavor and Crunch of Mainstream Snacks With Less Fat and Fewer Calories

go free® chips and mini fries are Water-Air Cooked™, not fried. They’re made with real slices of potato, vegetable oil and seasoning — that’s it. They’re all natural, non-GMO and gluten, preservative and cholesterol free.

About Us

We’ve developed new and revolutionary methods for cooking foods that support a wholesome way of life and are environmentally friendly and globally sustainable. We call these revolutionary cooking methods Pure Crisp™ Technology. It’s technology that produces tasty, wholesome foods that fit beautifully with today’s lifestyles.
Jamshid Ashourian, Founder and CEO